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Fragrance Masterbatches

Enhance the scent or remove unwanted mal-odours of your polymer based products.

Long lasting, complex and bespoke fragrances.

The use of fragrances to offer on shelf product differentiation or performance in end use applications is increasing. Whether you are producing marketing goods to promote your brand, making seasonal items like pine scented Christmas tree decorations, or even manufacturing diaper wrapping bags, Wells are almost certain to have the fragrance solution for you.

How it works.

Once the Wells fragrance masterbatch is incorporated into a plastic article, the fragrance oil will slowly migrate to the surface of the polymer, once at the surface, the fragrance will slowly evaporate to the surrounding atmosphere enabling the fragrance to be sensed. In most cases, the slow migration enables the part to retain its fragrance for many months.

Fragrance requirements are becoming much more sophisticated and demanding with customers requiring more complex and bespoke fragrances. In addition to the increase in sophistication there is also a demand for the fragrance to be stronger in odour and longer lasting in performance. Whilst in reality these are two competing requirements Wells have developed systems which incorporate a novel odour retention additive. This allows higher loadings of fragrance to be achieved in the masterbatch and a more controlled release once in.

Whilst lemon, vanilla, rose and pine are ever popular, Wells have formed strong alliances with leading fragrance manufacturers to ensure we are able to offer a wide portfolio of standard fragrances, together with the ability to produce excellent matches to meet end customers aspirations over an almost infinite palate of bespoke fragrances.

Some examples of where Wells fragrance masterbatches are used include:

  • Diaper bags
  • Bin liners and hospital waste sacks
  • Point of sale bags
  • Fridge fresheners
  • Car air fresheners
  • Moulded articles including decorations, marketing and promotional pieces.

To mask undesirable odours, e.g. those associated with recycled polymers.

Wells fragrance masterbatches can be custom formulated to suit your specific requirements.

Applications: Blown film, Cast Film, Sheet Extrusion, Profile Extrusion, Blow Moulding, Injection Moulding

Polymer Carriers Available: PE, Universal

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Antimicrobial Masterbatches and powders for polymer applications


Biodegradable Additive Masterbatches for polymer films


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Wells Plastics Founded

The business was founded in 1984 by Danny Wells servicing the UK with specialist additive masterbatches for the UK film and fibre marketplace, with a particular expertise in UV masterbatches.

New Management

In 1997 Danny left the business, under new management the product range began to grow.

Bactiglas™ Launches

In 1999 the business entered antimicrobial masterbatch marketplace which would become the Bactiglas™ range of products.

Reverte™ Arrives

In 2003 Wells developed a range of oxo-biodegradable masterbatches which would become the Reverte™ range of products in 2005.


In 2006 the business began its first site expansion taking on more warehousing and office space on the same industrial estate, including an expansion of the lab facility to support the growing business.

Growing Team

In 2009 the

Technical Department expanded further

Management Buy Out

In 2011 KCP supported a management buy-out and provided investment for growth

International Growth

In 2012 Wells increased dramatically its international foot print through an expanded distribution network.

Founding Members

In 2015 Wells are the founding Member of the oxo-biodegradable plastics federation (now known as the Society of Biodegradable Polymers)

Capacity Increases

In 2018 the business underwent a significant capacity uplift with a 40% expansion and extension of the current production facility

ISO 14001

In 2019 the business achieved ISO 14001


Ecovadis Silver

In 2020 Wells achieve a Silver EcoVadis rating

A Busy Year

In 2022 Wells created the Innovation Centre, a raw material warehouse, gained a Gold Ecovadis rating and completed a Management Buy Out

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Our products

A wide range of masterbatches for film and sheet applications

Marketed under the Bactiglas™ trademark masterbatches and powders food packing through to medical devices.

A wide range of masterbatches for film, sheet and injection moulding applications

Wells offer a bespoke additive masterbatch and compounding service

Exothermic and endothermic masterbatches and powders for extrusion and injection moulding processes.

A range of biopolymer and biobased materials for extrusion and injection moulding applications.

Wells additive masterbatch and compound contract manufacturing services

Moisture absorbing masterbatches for all extrusion and injection moulding processes

A wide range of bespoke flame retardant masterbatch and compound solutions.

Masterbatches to enhance point of sale items with fragrances or eliminate unwanted mal-odours from recycled feedstocks

A range of masterbatches sold under the Reverte™ trademark for providing a biodegradable property to polyolefins

Masterbatches to improve the quality and aesthetics of extruded polymer, reducing waste and energy consumption.

A range of compounds to aid in the purging, cleaning and shut down procedures of extrusion equipment.

Masterbatches and compounds which provide an enhanced and controlled slip property to extruded and injection moulded articles.

Masterbatches to enhance stability polymers during processing, in use and during recycling suitable for a wide range of applications and processes

Masterbatches to enhance the UV stability of polymers during suitable for a wide range of applications and processes